Incident Investigation


Among our other consulting and training services related to mobile equipment, EKpass provides initial response and investigation of incidents involving all types of mobile equipment, including hoisting/crane/and pipelayer operations.


During these engagements EKpass utilizes information, experience, and knowledge gained during more than 22 years of global operator training and consulting.


The in depth knowledge of equipment operations provided by EKpass is often required to accurately identify the actual cause. Without EKpass involvement, the incident investigation may inaccurately identify the root cause, based on a faulty understanding of the operation of the mobile equipment.


Further accurate identification of the multiple conditions, actions or combinations of both, requires experience and a thorough understanding of mobile equipment operations.  This is key in identifying how future incidents can be prevented. It is best that we are involved right after the incident occurs, but we can also be quite effective at some period after the fact, in finding the root cause where this was otherwise not identified or was identified inaccurately prior to our involvement.


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