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Project Execution & HSE Support


EKpass’ purpose is to assist the owner and/or construction management team in achieving successful project execution as well as meeting the planned in-service date with awareness and efficiency. Through our engagement, contingency allowances and unforeseen incidents can be reduced.  This is done through a professional and focused team of support people from EKpass.  We believe we can make a substantial contribution to the execution of major projects.


EKpass makes a commitment to the project owning company/client to provide an all-inclusive support package to your project from the planning process through completion.  Our vision is to make a substantial contribution as part of the planning and support team assembled by the client to manage the project.


Efficiencies are gained by assembling this small but effective team at the early stages. The sharing of duties by these experts makes for an effective contribution to a safe project, with maximized involvement of local residents, and resultant positive impact on social license.


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