The Mining Industry


The mining industry has experienced a great number of changes. Recently, the changing face of mining has increased dramatically.


With the rapid changes in the mining industry comes a need for real and meaningful mining equipment training and safety initiatives. The cost of mobile equipment is rising and the nature of such equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated. There is a real need to be more productive in order to improve the return on investment.


EKpass delivers mining equipment training that addresses productivity techniques; safe procedures; methods for determining if equipment is producing optimally; and much more. EKpass provides customized training programs that can be specific to your equipment, right down to the make, model, and serial number if desired. We provide mining equipment training for many categories of mobile equipment, including both fixed rail and free moving. Whatever your training needs are, EKpass can meet them.


EKpass is committed to providing training that is specific to your needs. When creating a customized training program, EKpass targets detailed training to address the dynamics involved in your operation. This can include, but is not limited to mobile equipment applications; climate and conditions; and culture.


EKpass specializes in challenging environments. The mining industry conducts operations in environments that have many challenges. From site conditions; environmentally sensitive areas; and close proximity work areas to the ever increasing complexity and capabilities of mining equipment, EKpass can create training that matches your unique environment.


EKpass offers services from 3 different operational arms; training, consulting, and I.T. services. We refer to these operational arms as the “Spheres of Operation”. EKpass can provide any number of combinations of services from these spheres of operation. We continue to add to the assets we can offer through development of creative new programs based on field and industry experience and processes.


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