Pipeline Training


Equipment Operator training:

  • On-site training
  • Full theory and practical in compliance with all applicable requirements
  • All Types of Equipment
  • Training operators with existing skill level from zero to already seasoned and skilled


Custom training programs:

  • Includes extensive experience in the development and delivery of training programs for subjects which are very unique globally
  • Aboriginal and specialized focus in developing markets where pipeline specific experience is limited locally, utilizes EKpass extensive experience in working within diverse cultures and can include preliminary life skills training


  • General pipeline safety
  • Equipment Operator related
  • Specific to tasks at hand where required
  • Specific to machine configuration, make, model, and serial number where desired
  • Other unique or special programs
  • Independent or hybrid solutions:
  • Instructor led
  • CBT (Computer Based Training)
  • WBT (Web Based Training)
  • Developed to meet any specific need while capitalizing on the existing I.P. and knowledge that exists within EKpass through more than 2 decades of development and use


Supervisor Training:

  • As related to equipment use

E.g. Hoisting activities

E.g. Hot line Crossings

  • Any other equipment related activity
  • Special projects/special areas training
  • Specialized programs based on unique and specific requirements
  • Skilled at interaction/relationships with contractor forces based on building of mutual respect through our field experienced people assets


Inspection training:

  • Onboarding
  • Special projects/special areas training
  • Unique and specific requirements
  • Equipment operating areas of confusion and contention


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